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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Grahabalam - How to prepare Swasthik marked cloth(yellow) for Kalasha pooja

 Preparation of Swasthik marked cloth for Kalasha pooja - 1st     Raksha Kavach

How to prepare Swasthik marked cloth for Kalasha pooja - With images

 1. The cloth must be 12 X 12 inches approximately.You can prepare Swasthik mark on either 

a.White colored cloth  CLICK HERE   
b.Yellow colored cloth  

a. If you choose to take Yellow colored cloth then the procedure is given below.

Pic 1:   Take a squared Yellow colored cloth or blouse piece or kerchief.

Pic 1 

Pic 2 : Mark with a pencil all fold four corners(A,B,C,D ismarked just for explaining purpose ONLY) shown in the fig

Pic 2:

Pic 3: Now fold four corners(A,B,C,D is marked for explaining purpose only) to the centre as shown in the fig
 Reason to fold is : To protect the Swasthik mark from getting faded in other days when we are not using it.

Pic 3:


Pic 4: Now carefully draw the Swasthik mark with ghee and Kumkum as below

Pic 4:

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