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Monday, 12 March 2012

Grahabalam 12th March 2012 - Next kalasha pooja details dated on 14th March 2012 - details (ENG translation)

March 14th Kalasha pooja - details

On 14th March 2012 - 4th Kalasha pooja ONLY

Who should do the kalasha pooja on 14th March 2012 Wednesday:

On 14th March 2012 wednesday, people who have done all 3 kalasha poojas before and missed to do the 4th Kalasha pooja  ONLY they must perform this kalasha pooja

At what time we need to do this kalasha pooja:

In India: On 14th March 2012 morning between 6:00am and 10:00am
In Other countries: On 14th March 2012 morning between 6:00am and 10:00am

Who should and shouldn't do the kalasha pooja regular doubts:

1) One Kalasha for all members of family.

2) If there is one member in the family and they have prob then you can go to the neighbour who does kalasha pooja and think that kalash as yours and pray.

3) Women who are having periods mustn't do this pooja.

4) Single person, couple, widow, widower, unmarried or old people anyone can do the pooja.

5) Women who are 5 month pregnant can do the kalasha pooja.But women who have completed 5th month should not the kalasha pooja.

6). Women whose spouse has expired recently or their name sake dies should not do the kalasha pooja till a year
7) People in India can do this kalasha pooja for their relatives in foreign counties

8) No fasting of any sort.If u wish to do fasting then u can.Its all upto u.

9) Purudu and death soucha must not do this kalasha pooja.

4th Raksha kavach for this kalasha pooja:

a. Take a white colored kerchief which is little less than swathik marked kerchief.
b. Mix turmeric with ghee and make a triangled shape in the centre so that the tip of the triangle is facing you.
c. Mix kumkum with ghee and mark 15 small bindhis on 3 sides of the triangle and a big bindhi in the centre. See PIC 2

What do we need for this Kalasha pooja:

1) Swasthik marked white kerchief(1st raksha kavach) - How to mark swasthik on the cloth is described HERE 12 X 12 inches approximately white or yellow squared cloth.Even its little less also its ok.

2) Red thread of 11 pogulu(2nd raksha kavach): Red thread (small) - cotton or polyester or woollen thread.11 pogulu(11 times of thread more than elbow size) approximately 12 inches and tie a knot in middle.And hang the knot on the Kalasha(coconut). 1 side is Shiva Konam and the other Shakthi konam.See the PIC 4 below.

3) We need the coin or coins(3rd raksha kavach). Ragi or silver coin or gold ( old coin or new which has market value)
Note: It doesn't mean it should be Indian coin only.It can be any coin but must have market value.

You can use 1 , 2 or more coins as you wish.But 1 will be enough for a family.It is only raksha kavach which can be more than one.

4) White colored kerchief or cloth which has triangled marked in it with turmeric and has 1 big tilak(kukum) in centre and 15 small tilaks(Kumkum) all around.You can check the image below PIC  2.

5) Kalasha can be of any material like ragi(bronze), steel , vendi(silver) or pottery

6) 1 peeta (small table) and a red colored cloth or any colored cloth OR you may take even the cloth which is used for previous poojas.

7) 1/2 or 1/4 Kg rice(good rice without any stones in it)

8) For deeparadhana use any oil as you wish.It is ur choice as to how many twicks or deepams u want to use.No restriction.

9) You need saambrani( The fragrant gum called benzoin) for dhoop and Karpooram(Camphor) and bell to ring.

10) Coconut to use as Kalasha.You can decorate the coconut as you like but first peel the coconut's husk.

11) Pure water to pour in kalasha.

12) For water fragnance in kalasha we use Elachi(cardomam)

13) Get any flowers.

14) Nivedyam: Pongal made of rice and Jaggery and coconut.You can offer fruits if you like

15) 5 Mamidi akulu(Mango leaves).

16) Turmeric and ghee mixed akshintalu(rice)

For clear idea on how to prepare Kalasha you may watch this video HERE 

Procedure to do the pooja:

1. In the house at eeshanya side or any oher part of the house.Make sure you are facing east direction when doing pooja.

2.Take a wooden plank or stand(peeta)

3. Place a new red colored cloth or any other cloth on it.

4. Pour some good rice approximately 1/2 or 1/4 Kg on the peeta.You can shape the rice like circle, square or rectangle.

5. Do deeparadhana

6. Place the Swathik marked white cloth on the rice.

7.First place the swasthik marked kerchief in such a way that the tip1 shown in PIC 1 below is facing you

8. Next place the white colored cloth which has triangled marked(turmeric) and 16 bindis(kumkum).

9. Place the triangled cloth in such a way that the triangle tip is facing you but not the side of the triangle as shown in PIC 3
10.Take the ragi vessel or any material(kalasha).You must decorate the kalasha with gandham and kumkum.

To have a clear idea on how to do prepare Kalash and initial process u can watch this video HERE

11. Now place the kalasha on the triangled white cloth.(on the top of both white colored cloths)

12. Now pour water into the kalasha.Pour water less than half of the kalasha.Now add yalakai(cardamom) for fragrance.

13. Place 5 mango leaves on the top of the Kalash.

14. Now place a coconut on the Kalasha(place the round head on the leaves not the v-shaped into water).

15. Place the red coloured 11 pogulu(2nd raksha kavach) thread on the coconut so that the knot in the middle is on the top of the coconut as shown in PIC 4 below

16. Place the coin or coins in front of the kalasha(3rd raksha kavach).

17.Take sankalpa by saying thithi, vaara, nakshtra and gothra name and pray for Lord Ganapathi(Ganesha).

18. Now read the below name either 27 times OR 54 times OR 108 times with all faith and devotion.

ఓం జ్వాలామాలినికాక్షిప్తవహ్నిప్రాకార మధ్యగాయై నమః (This is 71st name in Lalitha sahasranamam)
Om Jwaalaamaalini kaaksiptha vahni praakaara madhyagaayai  Namah .

19.Offer dhoop, deep,nyvedhyam karpooram(camphor) and tamboolam

20. As nyvedhyam offer pongal to Jaganmaatha.

21.You can offer fruits and coconut as well if you wish.

22. Lastly but not the least ask for strength to overcome all the hurdles in life and make this life as smooth as possible with all devotion, faith, purity and stability.

23. Ask for forgiveness for any small mistakes done.

24. Now take teerdham(offered coconut water) and prasadam

25. After that just move the Kalasha little with your right hand so to say udvasana(end) to the Kalasha.

With this you all will have swathik marked white kerchief , 11 pogula red thread suthram, coin(s) and triangled(yellow) and 16 bindhis(kumkum) marked kerchief which is shodasa bindhi included kerchief and have completed 4 kalasha poojas.

After Kalasha pooja:

1) Coconut:use it for any dish preferably sweet on that day or the next day.

2) The water in Kalasha should be sprinkled on head and remaining water can be used to water tulasi or any other plant.

3) Take yalakai(cardomam) as prasad.

4) The cloth(red) under the kalasha can used for other kalsha poojas.

5) And the rice used should be cooked as sweet and take as prasad but don't waste it or give last grains to dogs.

6) All the 4 raksha kavachs must be kept safe in almarah and they also must be activated(See below)

Timings to activate the 4th raksha kavachs of 14th March 2012 :

అదృశ్యా దృశ్యరహితా విజ్ఞాత్రి వేద్యవర్జితా
యోగినీ యోగదా యోగ్యా యోగనందా యుగంధరా - 129 (Lalitha sahasranama stothram)  

OR read the following names and show them to the planets

     ఓం అదృశ్యాయై నమః 
     ఓం దృశ్యరహితాయై నమః
     ఓం విజ్ఞాత్ర్యై నమః    
     ఓం వేద్యవర్జితాయై నమః
     ఓం యోగిన్యై నమః
     ఓం యోగదాయై నమః
     ఓం యోగ్యాయై నమః
     ఓం యోగానందాయై నమః
     ఓం యుగంధరాయై నమః
(In Lalitha sahasranamam 649th line to 657th line)

a. Read the above sloka OR names on 14th March night and show the raksha kavach to GURU and SHUKRA( Jupiter and Venus).
b. In case you miss out to show on that day, you can show it to Lord Sun on 15th March 2012 and read the above sloka OR names.

c. In India and in foreign countries on 14th March night between 6:00pm and 8:00pm in west direction show the 4th raksha kavach to GURU and SHUKRA( Jupiter and Venus) in Bharani sangam where they will be glowing.You can also show the other raksha kavachs to the planets.

d. In case you miss out to show them on that day, you can show them to Lord Sun on 15th March 2012 morning  thursday, moola nakshatra before 10:00am only.

 e.Once activated raksha kavachs can be activated any number of times or activate only new raksha kavach.

All 9 raksha kavachs can be attained at once very soon.Till now only 5 raksha kavachs have been said on TV.

People who have not got 5th raksha kavach can attain it on 6th April 2012. 6th and 7th raksha kavachs Kalasha poojas can can be attained at once on 15th April 2012. 8th and 9th raksha kavachs can be attained at once on 5th May 2012, All the 9 kalasha poojas can be attained all at once on 5th June 2012 which is not very far.




PIC 4 


1. Please read the after pooja details and follow them as said above.

2. Previously sidhanthi garu had told abt pottu goduma pindi(whole grained wheat powder not refined as you get in market readymade).That is used for doing all the 9 kalsha poojas at once.It is not required now.

3. You may have some confusion and doubts until you finish all the 9 kalasha who have ever can't do in confusion can wait for now..............On 5th June 2012, you can do all the 9 kalasha poojas at once in sidhanthi garu's leadership and supervision in Andhra Pradesh in a particular place.You may all participate in that programme which will be conducted by Omkara Mahashakthi Peetham.


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