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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Grahabalam 21st Feb 2012 - Importance of Sunday, Mahashivarathri and Mangal Amavasya


  • Importance and relation between  Sunday, Mahashivarathri and Mangal Amavasya
 Some disturbances in the last 15 mts or so.

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Due to technical issues couldn't get full video or audio. The video and audio is breaking in between.
if anyone of u have today's audio or video file plz share it with others.Mail it to
Thank u


Sunday's lord is Sun, Monday's lord is Moon, and Tuesday's lord is Kuja.The speciality of this month is that on 19th Sunday Uttarashada nak being Surya's nak , 20th Monday Shravana nak being Moon's nak and 21st Tuesday Dhanishta nak being Kuja's nak is there from sunrise to midnight.This is a very rare occasion and has utmost importance.In these 3 days, the middle day which is monday  Shravana nak being Maha Shivarathri is not any ordinary Shivarathri but MAHA KOTI SHIVARATHRI as said by our ancestors.That's the reason why its told that on monday to soak the red triangled cloth in lemon juice and dry it, on tuesday it should be kept in pooja mandir.


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