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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Grahabalam 18th Feb 2012 - Maha Shivarathri details and dates


  • Maha Shivarathri for other countries
  • Tip for children born in Uttara nakshatra kanya rashi jataka

Maha Shivarathri is on 19th Feb 2012 for New York, Chicago, L.A, Denver, Washington, Detroit, London etc.

Lingodbhava Kaalam for Los Angles is between 11:40pm and 12:32am(19th Feb 2012 night)

Lingodbhava Kaalam for Srisailam kshetram is between 12:03am to 12:53am

First Jaamu starts at  6:15pm and  4th Jaamu ends at 6:40am

Srisailam kshetram's 1st jaamu starts at 6:15pm and ends at 9:21pm
Abhishekam:              Cow's milk
Archana:                    Lotus flowers,
Nivedana:                  Pulagam(rice and pesara pappu)
What they'll read:       Rugveda mantras

Srisailam kshetram's 2nd jaamu starts at 9:21pm and ends at 12:28pm
Abhishekam:             Curd,
Archana:                   Tulasi leaves
Nivedana:                 Payasam
What they'll read:      Yajurveda mantras

Srisailam kshetram's 3rd jaamu starts at 12:28am and ends at 03:34am
Abhishekam:            Ghee
Archana:                  Maaredu leaves
Nivedana:                Nuvvu pindi edible(Sasseme powder sweet)
What they'll read:     Saamaveda mantras

Srisailam kshetram's 4th jaamu starts at 03:34am and ends at 06:40am
Abhishekam:            Ghee
Archana:                  Nallakaluva leaves
Nivedana:                Annam(rice)
What they'll read:     Adharvanaveda mantras

Lingodbhava Kaalam for Varanasi  kshetram is between 11:46pm to 12:36pm

First Jaamu starts at  5:50pm and  4th Jaamu ends at 6:32am

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