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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Grahabalam 14th Feb 2012 - Mangalavaram(Tuesday) Amavasya dhanishta nakshatra


  • Mangalavaram(Tuesday) Amavasya dhanishta nakshatra - details and tip for everyone           which is 21st Feb 2012(after Shiva rathri)        

As few have requested so i'm translating for few important ones.

Tuesday Amavasya dhanishta nakshatra

Tuesday Amavasya is a very auspicious day as told in Dharma shashtrhra called Nirnaya Sindhu

Tuesday Amavasya has 2 details

1) Remedy for Kuja dosha(Manglik dosha) - Rock salt immersion

Explanation: People are really scared of Kuja dosha and do all kinds of japas and homas as remedy.But the fact is out of 100 people 98 to 99 people it gets cancelled.Even after getting cancelled people are not happy inside. People who think they have and not sure if they have kuja dosha can do this remedy.

Remedy : On Tuesday Amavasya , Rahu kalam(3:00pm to 4:30pm) take a fistful of rock salt and go to sea.Don't go inside the sea.Just go till your feet is immersed and have darshan of surya(Sun) and  turn towards east and drop the fistful rcok salt in the sea

2) Tuesday Amavasya dhanishta nakshatra:   This tip is not related to Kuja dosha.This is the tip to control the bad strength inside everyone.

What we need to do this remedy:

1) New red triangled cloth size of our palm

2) Tamarind(Old or new) or lemon or lemon pickle not tamarind pickle

3) Water

When to do this remedy: Start the day before(monday)

On Monday(20th Feb 2012, Maha Shivarathri), Shravana nakshatra

Who should do this remedy:

Person who think has a manasu(heart) only should do this tip.

What to do:

1) In a cup of tamarind water,soak the red triangled cloth and remove it before 4:00pm.

2) Soak it for minimum of  5 ghadias(approx 2hrs) before 4:00pm.Don't wait until sunset remove it before ONLY.

3) Don't squeeze water out of it and don't dip it in water.

4) Just dry it outside on drying wire and place a clip so that it doesn't fly away.

5) Next day ie tuesday morning after taking bath, take the dried red triangled cloth and fold it.

6) Keep it in a small polythene cover or white paper and place it in your pooja mandir beside ur idols.

7) By doing this you will have a  tremendous strength at your house.

8) This cloth has a very light smell which will be inhaled by the idols in your pooja mandir.

9) Whether ur nose can catch the smell or not but the idols will smell it all.

10) After sunset, take the red triangled cloth and dip it in 3 cups of water(100ml each).

11) Dip it once, twice and thrice.

12) Then the red colored cloth loses its power.

13) Now throw the 3 cups of water in which you have dipped the cloth in the tulasi plant.

14) Don't throw this water in bathroom or in the sink.

15) Throw the red cloth anywhere it doesn't matter.


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