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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Grahabalam 9th Nov 2011

FLASH  NEWS.........    FLASH   NEWS.............

TODAY at 2:30pm to 3:30pm a special LIVE discussion  on Guru - Chandra coming together in the sky.Don't miss it

గురువు - చంద్రుల కలయిక  పై ఒక ప్రత్యేక చర్చా కార్యక్రమము ప్రత్యక్ష ప్రసారం  భక్తి టివిలో ఈ రోజు మధ్యాహ్నం   2:30 నుండి  3:30 వరకు తప్పక వీక్షించండి . మిస్ కాకండి 
  • Guru and Chandra(Jupiter and Moon) are to be seen together tonight.
  Today sidhanthi garu told above topic. 


The timings for all the countries to view the Jupiter and moon coming together according to their place of living.

India: 9th Nov 2011 8:38pm to 8:48pm
Singapore and Hong Kong: 9th Nov 2011 11:08pm to 11:18pm
Sydney, Australia: 9th Nov morning which is 10th Nov 1:08am to 1:18am
Los Angles: Can't see but 9th Nov morning 7:08am to 7:18am
Mexico, Dellas,Chicago: 9th Nov morning 9:08am to 9:18am
Detroit,Washington DC, New York,Boston, Matrial: 9th Nov morning 10:08am to 10:18am
London: 9th Nov afternoon 03:08pm to 03:18pm

Watch Guru - Chandra(Jupiter - Moon) tonight at 8:38pm to 8:48pm for abt 10 mts.So people who have done the 1st Kalasha pooja in month of May from which we got swathik marked white coloured cloth and 2nd kalasha pooja in month of October from which we got red colored 11 times the thread must show it to Guru - Chandra tonight.

and others who have not done any Kalasha pooja can also observe this spectacular vision and just tell all of ur problems u have in ur heart.

1) Pray to Lord Ganesha
2) Pray to Ishta divam(ur favourite god)
3) Pray goddess Lakshmi
4) Just tell all of ur problems u have in ur heart.

Apart from the list of wishes you already have to pray tonight , plz  pray for the list below for specific rashi people.

Mesha: Education,Job,Business, Health,House construction, Vehicles, mother, father and reduce unneccesary expenditure
Vrushabha: Pray for brothers and sisters,longetivity,profits in business
Mithuna: Speech sthana,Good finance,good eyes, good teeth
Karkataka: No debts and good health, no enemies
Simha:  for children, longetivity and lessen unnecessary expenditure
Kanya: Profession, business, education,job,health, vehicle, house related and mother. Unmarried people pray for good spouse and married people must pray for life without any fights with husband and lead happy life
Tula: Brothers,no debt, good health
Vrushchika: Speech sthana, children and pray to get father's property
Dhanus: Good mental and physical health, good business and longetivity
Makara: Pray for brothers sthana , Unmarried people pray for good spouse and married people must pray for life without fight with spouse and not to step into court for divorce.
Kumbha: Speech,finance,eye sight
Meena: Children(job)

There are no rules what so ever.Every one can watch this spectacular occuring example like pregnant ladies, women who are running monthly periods etc etc.


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