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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Grahabalam 5th Sept 2011 Abt Marriage - Nakshatra compatibility ep 1

  •  Marriage - Nakshatra compatibility (Ashwini  nakshatra)
  •  Nagadosha remedies for everyone - Shad chakra parayanam(recitation) dates
  •  Tomorrow's episode:Remedy for mother in laws who are suffering due to daughter in laws
Today Sidhanthi garu told above topics.

Here is the audio file:  MEDIAFIRE

Shad chakra parayanam(recitation) dates - Who don't know their nakshatra or birth date can do the parayanam on 6th ,19th, 20th and 22nd of Sept.

Mostly everyone have doubts regarding getting married their daughters and sons because they don't know which nakshatras are good and bad.
As Sidhanthi garu has many times told abt the Vadhu varula Gunamelana chakra. People blindly follow the Vadhu varula Guna melana chakra  and decide that if we get 18 points favourable,more than 18 points more favourable and less than 18 points are unfavourable.Even couples who got 34 points and 36 points have ended up in divorce and facing many problems.

1) Never look for Vadhu varula Guna melana Chakra.
2) For all 27 nakshatras, there are favourable and unfavourable nakshatras for marriage.

1) Ashwini: 

a) Favourable nakshatras - Bharani, Pubbha, Poorvashada, Uttarashada,Kruthika,Uttara 1st pada, Chitta 3rd and 4th pada, Dhanishta, Mrugasira, Arudra, Swathi, Uttarabhadra, Pushyami,Ashleysha and Revathi.

b) Ashwini nakshatra can marry another Ashwini nakshatra.

c) Kshema tara(safe nak): Rohini, Shravana and Hastha,but don't go near these nakshatras.Punarvasu, Visakha and Poorbabhadra.
Because these nakshatras would look favourable when looked from woman but are against the man when looked from his side.Similarly theses nakshatras look favourable from man but are against from woman's side.
So it becomes a kshema tara for one and Nydhana tara for another and vice versa. 

d) Anuradha(mithra tara) or Jeshta(param misthra tara) : Even though the tara balam is excellent and matched for Ashwini , don't go for them.
why?  Ashwini( Mesha) - Anuradha, Jhesta nakshatra( Vrushchika).Because they have shashtashtakas doshas among them.If one says one thing the other says quite opposite.Total disaster.So avoid them.

Ok.I'm done guys

Grahabalam 5th sept 2011 Marriage - nakshathra... by madhurikiranmai


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