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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Grahabalam 4th August 2011 Abt grahamalika yogam(tomorrow) - Remedy

Hi all!

Today Sidhanthi garu told abt occurring of Grahamalika yoga this month before which is tomorrow and also gave tip to reduce the effect of it.

Here is the audio file:    MEDIAFIRE

As sidhanthi garu has already told abt Grahamalika yoga before

Grahamalika yoga is planets standing in same line.Grahamalika Yoga occurs tomorrow from Mesha rashi to Vrushchika rashi in 8 rashis where all 9 planets stand in a line resulting each planet in a rashi.

This occurs in this month(5th and 7th August) and in next month(1st to 3rd September)

Tomorrow's yoga would be for abt 50 hours from 5th August 2011(tomorrow) to 7th August 2011.

All the rashi people must be patient in all aspects of life as told in sunday's rashi phala.

We know that our state(Andhra Pradesh) nakshatra is Chitta nakshatra, Kanya rashi. It doesn't matter which nakshatra we belong to ,we need to have patience as we all are living in A.P whether be it political or personal or anything for that matter.

This Grahamalika Yoga is a bad planetory situation.To get out of this planetory situation,

First and fore most thing is to have patience at all cost.

And Second, keep a white flower in your pockets for 6th and 7th of August.Women can keep the white flower in hand bags or purses.

Becuase Chandra is manakaraka and white flowers is related to moon.So to keep our manasu in control we need to keep a white flower in our pockets Even after telling to have patience ,few may have no control on mind.So keeping this white flower in pocket would arise a wish to maintain silence by your own.

You can also wear white clothes but white flower has more value.Flower has smell but you may think of spraying a scent on shirt but its not natural.We'll wear the white shirt again but flower would dissolve in soil.If you wish to wear white clothes then wear on these 2 days and throw it out because you cannot reuse them again.It your choice

Next month Grahamalika yoga's effect differs from this month's which would be explained in Rashi phala next sunday but in both cases we need to have patience.

Sidhanthi garu will be telling abt shubha muhurta's of every month for all rashi people from tomorrow onwards and some interesting topic as well.
 I'm done for today.

Grahabalam 4th August 2011 Abt grahamalika yogam by madhurikiranmai


  1. Dear madam, this file is not support for download.

  2. Hello Seshu garu!

    Did u mean the audio or video file?If its audio file ur asking abt then i've updated it.U can check it out.



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