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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Grahabalam 31st August 2011 Abt Grahamalika Yoga and precautions ep 2

  • Grahamalika yoga - precautions for Karkataka and Simha rashi
  • Vinayaka Chathurthi and its astronomical importance
  • Celebrate Vinayaka Chathurthi  using only Eco friendly mud statues
  • Good news: Soon Grahabalam recorded show will be aired in the evenings with new topics
Today Sidhanthi garu told above topics.

Here is the audio file:  MEDIAFIRE

Grahamalika yoga - precautions

4) Karkataka rashi:

Men: Should wear white colour dress on 22nd,23th and 24th Sept.
Women: But should not wear white colour dress on 18th,19th and 20th Sept

Precaution: The difference between men and women wearing or not wearing white color dress above.

From Sept  5th to 21st,avoid any important discussions related to marriage or anything good related matters, even if they give importance to you in your decisions also avoid them.Because if anything goes wrong  they'll blame you as you have given the suggestion.

5) Simha rashi:

Men: Should not wear white colour dress on 9th,10th and 11th Sept.
Women: But should not wear white colour dress on 9th,10th and 11th Sept

Precaution: On Sept 14th afternoon  from12:00 pm till night ,try to avoid quarrels or interfering in quarrels

Vinayaka Chathurthi and its astronomical importance:

Vinayaka chathurthi has an astrological and astronomical speciality.

On Bhadra pada shudda chavathi day, in sky on eeshanya to Nyruthi direction you'll find a group of 9 stars in form of elephant which is called Vinayaka veedhi(street).But this alignment of 9 stars occurs once in every 8 yrs. Sometimes Vinayaka chathurthi occurs on Hastha nakshatra and chitta nakshatras.
And in Swathi nakshatra we can see a wonder which is, venus planet placed at the centre of crescent moon. This happens once every 8 yrs on Vinayaka Chathurthti at night time which was last year in 2010

But after the astronomical wonder, the next year(2011) in Bhadrapada masam we may experience weather extremes(floods,heavy rains or anything) from 1st Sept to 18th Sept for first 18 days.If u wish to check that this really happens then you may take the panchangam and the weather reports and check for yourself.As per sidhanthi garu this would absolutely tally.

Why in Bhadra pada masam only we should pray to mud Vinayaka statues? And then later why we need to immerse 21 patris(21 kinds of leaves) in the water? why we should pray mud (river mud) Vinayaka idol?

In Bhadrapada masam, we have rainy season.So if we want water to get stored we need river banks.So if everyone prepare idol with the mud then it would ideal to store water as there be hollow as we used the mud.So its gets filled for our future use.In this stagnant water, we'll immerse these 21 kinds of leaves which has excellent medicinal qualities so when used for deinking by near by villagers for drinking, this water would help prevent from seasonal diseases.

ok people done translating.

Grahabalam 31st Aug 2011 Grahamalika Yoga by madhurikiranmai


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