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Monday, 29 August 2011

Grahabalam 29th August 2011 Abt Grahamalika Yoga and precautions

  • Grahamalika yoga occuring on Sept 1st
  • And neccessary precautions for Mesha and Vrushabha rashi
Today Sidhanthi garu continued above topic.

Sorry guys had issues with video file.But got the audio from my cousin.

Here is the audio file:  MEDIAFIRE

Grahamalika Yoga: As we already know abt Grahamalika yoga in 5th to 7th August for abt 50 hrs.All nine planets are in 8 rashis that is from Mesha rashi to Vrushchika rashi. Again on 1st Sept (Ganesh Chathurthi), we have another Grahamalika yoga.From 1st Sept afternoon 2:35 pm to 3rd Sept evening 4:22pm all 8 rashis will be filled.

In this Grahamalika yoga, the 1st rashi is Mesha rashi and the last rashi is Vrushchika rashi.The adipathi of these 2 rashis is Kuja.In 1st rashi there is Guru and in the last is Rahu.

What are the effects of this Grahamalika yoga?

The effect after the Grahamilaka yoga will be maximum for abt 40 days. During these 40 days, as we all know how America got into financial crisis.

Now the 2nd Grahamalika yogam is on sept 1st, even before this yoga the price of gold is growing higher and higher or will it be political crisis?Is this political crisis for A.Por India or for other countries of the world?

But the actual crisis what we would face will be mental crisis.

This mental crisis will be on all 12 rashis.

1) Mesha rashi: People should think mentally who are in the fields of job, business , behaviour changes of joint partners in business.

Men: Job holders and business people should not wear white colour dress on 11th,12th and 13th Sept.
Women: Should not wear white colour dress on 14th,15th and 16th Sept

Precaution: From Sept 1st till Dassehra festival evening, be as cool as possible don't get angry at any cost. All mesha rashi people must and should try to suppress your anger as much as possible.

2) Vrushabha rashi:  Be careful in health issues.Don't neglect even a small health problem and get medical advise immediately.

Men: Job holders and business people should not wear white colour dress on 20th,21th and 22nd Sept.
Women: Should not wear white colour dress on 7th,8th and 9th Sept

Precaution:  From Sept 1st till Dassehra festival evening, give importance to being happy.
What is the relation between white colour dress and Grahamalika Yoga?Why we shouldn't wear white dress?

A: Mental crisis is related to Moon.Moon's colour is white. Grahamalika Yoga has its effects on any crisis may it be financial, mental, political or anything else.So to have no effect of this yoga we must avoid wearing white dress on those specific dates.

That's it guys ,done translating.


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