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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Grahabalam 22nd July 2011 Any problem - remedy for Moola nakshatra people


Today Sidhanthi garu told remedy for all the problems for those who are born in Moola nakshatra.

 Here is the audio file:   MEDIAFIRE      OR     MEGAUPLOAD

Most of the people fear Moola Nakshatra.But actually its one of the wonderful nakshatra as sidhanthi garu quoted. All moola nakshatra people like married, unmarried, elder and the youngsters may have many problems facing in their lives.

But there is remedy for all the problems.Naturally moola nakshatra has doshas ad people who are born in  Moola nakshatra would do Shanthi pariharas. There are so many problems like financial, children, family, job, vehical, physical and mental etc etc

Is there any specific remedy for this?  YES, definitely.

This Moola namshatra occurs every month.But Moola nakshatra near Amavasya like before or after Amavasya or Amavasya day comes only twice in Karthika masam and Margasira masam.In whole of year, we have only 2 days which are suitable to do this remedy are  in Karthika  and Margasira masams.

Note: Only doing this remedy on Moola nakshatra will not complete everything.

Problem could be anything: Children should prosper in life,family should have nice position in life, Finacially should also grow.

How long one has to do:  For abt 3 yrs meaning 6 times in total.

What to do: 

1) After waking up should maintain silence(maunam).It doesn't matter when u wake up may be 6 ,7 or even 8 am.

2) Do this from morning(sunrise) when amavasya thithi starts till it ends.If suppose the Amavasya thithi starts today afternoon 3:40 pm, then u'll start today morning itself.And the amavasya thithi ends tomorrow evening, so you need maintain silence till thithi ends.

3) No speaking at all.Only communicate via writing.

4) Everyone can do this remedy like women who has their monthly periods, pregnant ladies, people living abroad, living in in laws ,with parents, even a family member has expired etc etc.No restrictions at all what so ever.

5)No restrictions regarding food either.But can eat, drink,  sneeze, cough or yawn.Keep your mobile phones aside. Can wear any color dress.No restriction on taking bathing before doing or after doing.

ONLY THING TO KEEP IN MIND : Be as far as possible to pigs.If suppose a PIG just brushes you in market or any place then it won't work or get failed.

That's it guys done translating.

Grahabalam 22nd July 2011 Abt moola nakshatram... by madhurikiranmai


  1. sir pls update abt remedy for all the problems for those who are born in Moola nakshatra.

  2. Hello NV reddy garu!

    Madhuri here.Sorry for late reply.I cudn't do it earlier as my younger son was ill.

    I've done translating and updating it.U can check it out.

  3. Madhuri garu
    audio file is not update pls check



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