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Friday, 3 June 2011

Grahabalam 2nd June 2011 Abt a letter from muslim viewer, grahanam,clarification of shukra Rahu remedy and more

Hi everyone!

NOTE: Plz check the video of 31st May 2011 as i've posted only audio on that day. Now got the video from my brother so posted the video as well.

Today Sidhanthi garu read a letter from muslim viewer and told abt grahanam, gave clarification of shukra Rahu remedy, how we should celebrate birthday according to thithi nakshatrams instead of DAY.

A muslim viewer has written a letter in which he has given details of his daughter and asked question as when will her daughter get married andmentioned having problems in getting her married.

Sidhanthi garu also told that not only Hindus but also Muslims and Christians are following "GRAHABALAM " Live program and performing remedies.It gives me immense happiness that everyone are getting benefited by this program and wish that more and more people will do the same in future.

Yesterday sidhanthi garu told abt Shukra - Rahu remedy. In that he told we need to use alasandalu(Black-eyed peas or cow peas) and honey. Because alasandalu is Shukra related grain and honey is also related to Shukra but as it has binding property we use it here.Sugar is also sweet and related to Shukra as it doesn't have binding property we don't use here.So when we lit deepam with alasandalu pindi inside the deepam in rahu kalam, the vathi would be touching the pindi and burns.This would indirectly removes some dosham.So this would bring peace to the native.

As we all celebrate Birthday's on particular day.But according to sidhanthi garu's opinion we need to celebrate birthdays on thithi nakshatrams.

 Tomorrow sidhanthi garu will tell important topic abt Laxmi kataksham(Goddess Laxmi's blessings).So don't miss it.
ok people... done with translating.I'll translate previous posts by today night.sorry for the delay hope u'll understand.

Here is the audio file: CLICK ME

Grahabalam 2nd June 2011 Abt a letter from... by madhurikiranmai



  1. we are great full to sidhanti garu . Sir informing very very strong points hidden in brhad jatakams, till now no guruvu or sidhanti garu touched the points and informing the public to do. Sir informing very useful remedies of no cost or less cost and easily to be followed by public.
    sasthnga namskarakulu to guruvu garu and to you you all.

  2. Hello Venkateshwara garu!

    Ya thats very true.No one had ever informed us abt these precious information and tips from ancient history.I think we did something good in our previous life as he is in our lives.Ur most welcome.



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