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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Grahabalam 21st June 2011 Gargeya Sidhanthi garu replied yesterday's call and explained abt kuja dosham spl ep 1

Hi everyone!

Today sidhanthi garu gave reply to yesterday's caller.And most importantly told abt Kuja dosha.

Here is the audio file: CLICK ME

Anyone who are recording this show could plz share it here.So that this service would continue even if i miss the show by any reason.Hope u all will understand, co-operate and help each other by doing so.

This way we cud help ourselves and others never miss a show ever again.

If anyone are having the videos and are willing to share it, then please post ur coments under "Problem with Blog or links".I'll get back to u asap.

Now a days, if youngsters are not getting married then they'll think they have Kuja Dosha.

When parents show their child's horoscope and find out that their child have Kuja dosham they'll suffer a lot.Even the woman and man who are yet to be married also suffer and are saddened. In case if couple get married, later have differences and find out having kuja dosham really gets them and drive them to saddness.
Sidhanthi garu can show us some 100's of horoscope in which only one of the couple has Kuja dosha and still live happily for 75 yrs and more.


1) So when one of the couple have Kuja dosha and other doesn't then can we say when they'll have differences?

2) Where does the Kuja dosha actually works?

3) Under what circumstances Kuja dosha gets activated?

4) If one of the couple has Kuja dosha and get married unfortunately, will they get divorced, if yes,then which day will they take the divorce?

a) Will they take divorce just 2 days after getting married?

b) Will they take divorce after 3 to 4 yrs of marriage?

Sidhanthi garu got emotional saying that the myths of kuja dosha are haunting parents and children who have Kuja dosha which are not actually true.He saw  how the word kuja dosha or any negative thing abt a person can take life and literally through them near death bed.

So that's why he'll clear all the doubts and myths of kuja dosha in coming 3 to 5 days.

1) What is Kuja dosha?

In rashi Chakram(horoscope), from janma lagna if kuja is in 2nd, 4th, 7th ,8th and 12th sthanas is called Kuja dosha.

a) If Kuja is in 2nd place, family wealth would be all gone.

Meaning: After marriage , all earned money would be spent lavishly later ends in no money.

b) If Kuja is in 4th place,  Gruha lakshmi bhagya( house wealth) would be all gone.

Meaning: A rich woman married a man, either one may have Kuja in 4th place then all wealth given by her father would be gone.

c) If Kuja is in 7th place,  this would lead to differences between couples ,divorce or some other problems.

d) If Kuja is in 8th place, this would have effect on life span, accidents

e) If Kuja is in 12th place, this would effect on moksha(salvation) related matters.

2) When does this Kuja dosha effect the native?

Kuja dosha effects a native ONLY in Kuja Mahadasha.

If Kuja mahadasha comes at 90 yrs then the couple would break after 90 yrs.

And sometimes for some like Chitta, Dhanishta and Mrugasira nakshatra people Kuja mahadasha  comes by birth.At that time they won't get married.So it will go by 15 yrs.

If in a couple only one has Kuja dosha and other doesn't, then you can get married. But it will have its effect only in Kuja Mahadasha.

On what aspects does this Kuja dosha effect:  The effect would not only be on problems related to marriage  but also people who do share market should be careful, people who drive fast must also be careful, financial care and profession related care should be taken.

That's it people done translating.

Grahabalam 21st June 2011 Abt kuja dosham and a... by madhurikiranmai

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