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Monday, 13 June 2011

Grahabalam 13th June 2011 Abt Chandra grahanam,Pancha graha kutami and Kalasha success stories

Hi folks!

Sorry for the late video upload.Had some urgent work.Hope u all would understand.

Today SIdhanthi garu told abt Pancha graha kutami, Chandra grahanam and read some kalasha succes stories.

Panchagraha kutami has started today early morning 1:08 am and will have the effect till tomorrow morning 6:58am.
All the the rashi people don't go for a bath in the sea.Avoid going near the sea as the waves could rise very high.

GOOD NEWS for everyone:  "GRAHABALAM" will be 1 hour programme on Sunday from this week onwards and its will be a LIVE as well.Which time is favourable or not, at what time we need to take important decisions and all the imp matters would also be covered.

People who are doing 21 days pooja and 40 days deeksha should keep darbha on the coconut chippa and others should also keep darbha on eatables.

NOTE: People who are doing Shad chakra paarayanam(Recitation) on specific days and thithi's .So part of that,we have recitation days 15th and 17th June this month as told previously.But we should not to do on 15th as the  Lunar eclipce is occurring in Jhestha nakshatra itself.

All the success stories in form of letters from viewers and expressed their happiness.

So Jhestha ,Ashleysha, Revathi, Moola, Ashwini, Makha  jataka people and people who are presently running kethu Mahadasha and Budha mahadasha people should be more careful when giving thought on issues.On 14th, 15th and 16th don't think too much. Calm your heart.

Apart from the above nakshatras, other nakshatra people who are presently running kethu Mahadasha and Budha mahadasha must be little less careful.

When we should be careful: 

From tomorrow morning (14th June) to 17th morning. Be careful with water related issues like in bathrooms and rain etc etc.

Don't drag old matters or issues now with your spouses or anyone for that matter.

Don't get angry for small issues and talk smoothly.This proves that we need to be calm and don't get
Just leave it to GOD.And just believe that whatever happens happens.We can't change that.

As Pancha kutami is already running now, the effects have itseffect on every person's thinking strength, soul strength and mental strength.

As in astrology, the effect is on Budha,Sun and Moon respectively.

On 14th and 15th June, Sidhanthi garu said some tips for Lunar eclipse will be scrolled in whole day.So don't miss them.

Lastly Pancha graha kutami and Lunar eclipse doesn't so anything but just keep your heart under control.Be cool and collective.

I'm done for 2day.

Grahabalam 13th June 2011 Abt Chandra... by madhurikiranmai

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