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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Grahabalam 25th May 2011 Abt Shani veekshana(aspect) and more

Hi !

Today sidhanthi garu told abt Shani's effect on kuja rashi's as its aspecting Kuja.
Will update the post little later.

Here is the audio file: CLICK ME

Grahabalam 25th May 2011 Abt Shani... by madhurikiranmai


  1. Hello Madhuri Garu,
    I just need a help from u,if u can find out from Siddhanti Garu regarding the 5 days puja,as i've 2 kids, i can't do it after watching 2morrows episode of Grahabalam.
    Pls let me knw the process if anything is there so tht i can finish it before they wake up.Till now i follwed wht he has given us all these days.if anything remaining do post me.
    As one should complete it before 10am as told by him.

    Pls do me this favour.

    Thank You


  2. Hello Manasa garu!

    U can do it early morning as well.As i'm doing it at 4am coz i too hav 2 kids. Ya,u need to do the pooja before 10:00 am as told by Sidhanthi garu.

    I hope ur doubts are cleared now.

    Ok happy worshipping 2morrow.

  3. Hey Manasa! Plz look at the main page coz i'm updating some info abt 5 day pooja.



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