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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Grahabalam 14th may 2011 - Gargeya garu told abt Sampoorna Chandra grahana Visheshalu(Full Lunar eclipse) Speciality and much more.


Today sidhanthi garu told abt Sampoorna Chandra grahana Visheshalu(Full Lunar eclipse) Speciality and much more.

Yesterday Sidhanthi garu has told abt the effects of total lunar eclipse from 1 week before and after the Lunar eclipse (June 15th) on some specific rashi people and the few precautions to be taken on specific dates and timings.

Every year we have Sampoorna chandra grahanam( Full Lunar eclipse) but this year eclipse has speciality.

Importantly the effects would be seen for 40 days ie from June 15th to July 24th. In these 40 days, there are 5 important mondays. Moon is adpathi of monday. Similarly there are 3 rashis which are related to this eclipse which are Karkataka, Vrushabha and Vruschika rashi.

Moon is  raju(King) for kharanama samvatsaramu(this telugu year).So the eclipse is for the king. The effect would be on first 40 days importantly more on mondays.

Mondays - June 20th, 27th, July 4th, 11th and 18th

People who are born in all 27 nakshatras and who are running Chandra mahadasha ONLY should take utmost care during these 5 mondays.

Karkataka rashi: Karkataka rashi is Swakshetramu(swakshetra means own house) for Moon. As Moon is adipathi for Karkataka rashi and the lunar eclipse occurs in shashta sthana( 6th place) from janma rashi that too with Rahu grastha and will be sampoorna(full) in kethu nakshatra.
As the eclipse occurs on Moon which adipathi of Karkataka rashi.

In which field one has to be careful: Importantly this rashi people should take more care in the way they think,  avoid getting into mental and physical stress fight.They should be prepared for this from the monday before the eclipse even occurs.

Vrushabha rashi:  Vrushabha rashi is Uchcha kshetra(Uchacha kshetra means Exalted ) for Moon. Lunar eclipse occurs in sapthama and ashtama sthanas  (7th and 8th places) of Vrushabha rashi which is uchcha kshetra of Moon.

The eclipse starts in sapthama sthana and ends in ashtama sthana which is ashtama chandra dosham which we usually hear in Rashi phalalu on sundays.

So this rashi people also should be prepared fromJune 13th(monday) itself before the eclipse even occurs.

In which field one has to be careful: Mental related care, care must be taken to avoid misunderstadings between married couples and while travelling.

Vruschika rashi: Vruschika rashi is Neecha kshetra(Neecha kshetra means Debilitated ) for Moon. The eclipse starts in Jhestha nakshatra(Janma rashi) and ends in Dhanus rashi(2nd place) which is neecha kshetra of Moon.

In which field one has to be careful:  Take care in regard of vach sthana(speech) , promises,financial matter, eye, dental and family matters.

Vruschika rashi people should take utmost care than other rashi people.Be prepared from June 13th(monday) itself before the eclipse even occurs.

Sidhanthi garu will tell more precautions on the effect of Sampoorna chandra grahan episode wise on each rashi soon .
On monday 16th May 2011, sidhanthi garu will tell abt the 5 days which he has been mentioning since detailed rashi phalalu and their importance.What kind of decisions and deekshas have to be taken will be explained on MONDAY 16th May 2011.So don't miss it guys.

Ok done with translating.

Grahabalam 14th may 2011 - Abt Lunar eclipse... by madhurikiranmai

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