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Thursday, 26 May 2011

26th May 2011 DOUBTS abt the 5 day pooja process

26th May 2011   DOUBTS abt the 5 day pooja process
  • Kalasha or kalasham should never be empty.You should fill the kalasham with 1/4 litre of water.The water should have pleasant smell so we need to add Elaichi(Cardamom) OR lavangam(cloves) OR Karjooram(dry date) in it for shubhadaayakam.
  • In the kalasham put tamalapaakulu or maamidi aakulu. Put aakulu(leaves) in such a way that half the leaves are in the immerssed in kalsham and half are outside.And then keep the coconut on the leaves.The kalasham should be placed on the swasthik marked white kerchief.

  • Swathik marked white kerchief should be prepared on 27th May itself

  • You should not change the water or leaves.It should be for all pooja days.U need to offer the honey especially on the last day evening as ur pooja will finish.If u want to give honey to the lady on all pooja days also its ok but last day evening u MUST offer honey,flowers and fruits as well. If u can't get a lady u can save the honey and later give it a lady.

  • One can do it early morning because housewives and women who have small kids can finish the pooja before they wake up. But make sure you finish the pooja before 10:00 am as told by Sidhanthi garu.

  • And after the pooja(last day), u need to sprinkle the water on all the family members and the remaining water should be poured onto TULASI plant.

I hope all ur doubts are cleared.

Happy worshipping to each and everyone.


  1. hello Madhuri Garu,

    Thank u for clearing doubts,i'm really waiting for ur reply.i just saw and felt happy to see it.

    Thank u

  2. Hey Manasa!

    Ur welcome. I'm felt happy too giving u reply.

    Ur welcome
    c u around

  3. Hi Madhuri garu.

    Firstly, thanks for sharing all the videos & useful information with us.

    I have a doubt.
    We are doing this puja at home. But, my mom has mistakenly put the swastika mark in a wrongly manner(she has put inverted symbol).
    Does this mistake matter alot??

    Please do reply.




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