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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Grahabalam 9th April 2011--------BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

Hi Everyone!

Today Sidhanthi garu again repeated process on how to do the Nagadosha-remedies on specific days of nakshatras and specific thithis of weekdays which is tomorrow.

Grahabalam 9th April 2011 p1 by madhurikiranmai

Grahabalam 9th April 2011 p2 by madhurikiranmai


1) Sidhanthi garu has clarified that , we should do remedies maximum  for 1 0r 2 problems only not 3,4,or all 5.

2) Choose the most appropriate utmost 2 problems  and do a remedy for one problem and another remedy for another problem.

3) Why we have to do only 2 remedies and not 3,4 or 5 because the remedies must be done in 1 lagna at a time.

4) So at the given timings , there are only 2 lagnas. 1 Mesha Lagna and Vrishabha Lagna

5) U may have doubt as to why sidhanthi garu has not informed onTV because  Lagna changes from city to city. And thus creates havoc and  confusion among people. Its would be impossible to clarify everybody's doubts on phone or TV.Hope you'll would understand.

6) One has to add  or subtract minutes  for the given timings(Vijayawada) according the place you are living in.


10  sunday                -------   do 2 remedies
12  Tuesday              -------   do 2 remedies
13  Wednesday        -------   do 2 remedies

VVIMP NOTE:   But on 15th April onwards give importance to Vrishaba Lagna only.Do only 1 remedy for 1 problem in Vrishabha lagna.

15  Friday                  -------- do only 1 remedy
24  Sunday                -------- do only 1 remedy
26  Tuesday              -------- do only 1 remedy
30  Saturday            -------- do only 1 remedy

Vijayawada Timings:  For these timing you need to add or subtract the timings according to which place you live in . I'll give +/- timings  in tabular form.

a) 10th April 2011      sunday---------------------

Mesha Lagna                   6:05 am - 7:51 am

Vrishabha Lagna          7:52 am - 9:52 am

b) 12th April 2011     Tuesday--------------------

Mesha Lagna                 5:58 am - 7:44 am

Vrishabha Lagna        7:45 am - 9:45 am

c) 13th April 2011    Wednesday----------------

Mesha Lagna              5:54 am - 7:40 am

Vrishabha Lagna     7:41 am - 9:41 am

d) 15th April 2011    Friday--------------------

Mesha Lagna          5:46 am - 7:32 am

Vrishabha Lagna  7:33 am - 9:33 am

e) 24th April 2011    Sunday--------------------

Mesha Lagna          5:14 am - 6:56 am

Vrishabha Lagna  6:57 am - 8:57 am

f) 26th April 2011   Tuesday--------------------

Mesha Lagna          5:06 am - 6:48 am

Vrishabha Lagna  6:49 am - 8:49 am

g) 30th April 2011   Saturday-------------------

Mesha Lagna          4:50 am - 6:32 am

Vrishabha Lagna  6:33 am - 8:33 am

The chart below is for A.P and some other places in South India.

IMP NOTE:  In about a weeks time, we'll provide International Chart as well.Please bear with us for the inconvenience.


  1. Madhuri
    really you are doing a great job! taking so much of effort and pain to collect all the required details for these remedies. This info. is very helpful for all of us, especially the no. of remedies that we can do, the lagna details... relevant chart! awesome! Thanks a lot!

  2. Hello Anuradha garu!
    The pleasure is all mine. I hope and wish i could help as many people as i can. Thanks a lot for appreciating, really means a lot.


  3. hello everyone,
    i'm new to this website i wanna know how to book appointment to meet siddanthi garu.can anyone clear my problem,i'll be very thankful to them.

  4. Hello Swati!
    This is Madhuri here.Actually U can call his assistant and get appointment fixed.Timings 11:00am to 4:00pm ph:9348032385 except on holidays.Its already booked till August 2012. U’ll get the phone number engaged or switched off. If it switched on u need to call this number again and again so u’ll connect at any time.all the best
    And lastly plz mention where ur from?

  5. Hi ,

    thanks for a great job, i am leaving to CT,Usa , I am really concerned about vrishabha lagna & mesha lagna timings from 24th onwards. I performed japas till 15th according to the above suggestions. I would really appreciate If you can give the international timings at earliest.

  6. my place is at latitude:41° 19' N & longitude :73° 55' W

  7. Hi Chandra garu!
    Ur welcome. But could you please give me the list of major cities and states of USA where most of the Indians live? And also plz mention that we need to add or subtract the timings from Indian timings.I'm gathering info in the net but u wud have correct info as ur living there. I know ur concerned abt the timings.Wud really appreciate ur help.

    Which place In USA u live axactly?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi madhuri garu!

    Thanks for reply, I am in India at the moment but I will be in New Haven ,CT , USA ( latitude:41° 19′ N & longitude :73° 55′ W ) on 24th, 26th & 30th of April 2011. Actually Indians live almost everywhere in USA. and USA itself has different time zones. Can you please calculate the lagna timings for me for the place I mentioned. Thanks in anticipation.


  9. madhuri gaaru
    mamu download cheyadaaniki maaku madhalo agi porundi andu valla meeru naa mail ku siddanthi gari lakshmi kaataasham mariyu kaalasa pooja ki samvandhina vavedeos ni naaa mail k pampa galaru

  10. madhuri garu
    meeru ealanti seva chestunnduku meeku dhanya vaadalu

  11. Hello prasanna garu!

    Sorry late ga reply isthunnanduku.Maa babuki ontlo bagoledu induvalana immediate ga reply evvaledu.Anyways paatha videos na hard disk lo vunnayi.Like u few others also asked for the same videos.Kodiga time esthe i'll upload them in another site.Then u all can download them.

  12. Hello Prasanna garu!

    meelanti vaariki upayoga padutunnanduku nenu chala santhoshishtunnanu.



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