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Monday, 11 April 2011

Grahabalam 11th April 2011 - About shad chakras p1

Hello readers!

Today sidhanthi garu will tell about each rashi this telugu year(kharanama yr) with dates.

Sidhanthi garu yesterday has given a speech on shad chakras at Dundigal in presence of Swamy Sachidananda.He was very impressed sidhanthi garu's speech.

As part of Nagadosha - Remedies doing on specific days which started on 10th April 2011 Sunday. It came to Sidhanthi garu's notice that at the following places, they all do whatever sidhanthi garu says without fail.

In A.P:    Indrapalem's Nava Graha temple which is in between Samarlakota and  kakinada,at  Kakinada Shivalayam in Ramaraopeta,Vinukonda Seva Samithi, Nellore, Guntur, Hyderabad, Malkajgiri, Anantapur, Kurnool, Chittoor, Rajamundry, Vizag, Bobbili, Vijayanagaram.

In India: Bangalore, New Delhi, Patna, Chennai.

He told abt  shad chakras.What are shad chakras, the meaning behind it and the god behind them?

Adishankara charya vari 100 slokas book named Soundarya Lahari. 1st 41 slokas are called Ananda Lahari and the rest are called Soundarya Lahari. In Anandara Lahari, 36th sloka to 41st sloka has described beautifully about Shad chakras.

1) Agya chakram: In 36th sloka, it was abt the Agya chakram.

Bheejakshar:  OM

Goddess: Hakini

Names related to Agya chakram in Lalitha Sahasranam: From  521 st to 527th has 7 names.

NOTE: (write down all the 7 names in this order) OM  the goddess name last put NAMAH--( OM  GODDESS NAME NAMAH)

2) Vishudhi chakram: In 37th sloka, it was abt the Vishudhi chakram.

Bheejakshar:  HAM

Goddess: Dakini

NOTE:  Lord Sadashiva who is in Ardhnarishwara form(half is white and other half is in golden color) is seated on HAM named throne which is on Vrishabham's back. This is the roopa(image) on HAM bheejaksharam.

Names related to Vishudhi chakram in Lalitha Sahasranam:  From 475 th to 484th has 10 names.

NOTE: (write down all the 10 names in this order)   OM HAM the goddess name last put NAMAH--( OM HAM GODDESS NAME NAMAH)

So many of them have done these experiments with bheejaksharams yesterday. All the info incripted on ancient palm leaves will be revealed by sidhanthi garu.

NOTE: A special episode  related to Revathi, Ashleysha  and Jheshta would be told by sidhanthi garu in between May 20th  to 28th.So watch out guys.He'll tell some tips or ways to come out of some faults.

Grahabalam 11th April 2011 by madhurikiranmai

Ok folks its done for 2day.


  1. Vijaya Prabhakar11 April 2011 at 15:13

    wat do u do by profession ? v really appreciate the excellent job done by u .

  2. Hi Vijaya garu!
    I'm a home maker with 2 small beautiful boys. What made u ask that question???

    Thanks a lot for appreciating though really means a lot.Its hard to keep up but at the end of the day , i think its worth it as its helping u'll someway or the other.


  3. happy birth day ghuru gariki

  4. Vijaya Prabhakar13 April 2011 at 13:47

    tat's so wonderful.. i always keep wondering how u mange 2 put so many video n info so clearly..i really appreciate ur patience by handing 2 boys n posting so many things..

  5. hey Vijaya!
    thanks yaar. I had to be very careful coz everyone would be following the info especially the translated post. I usually do my postings when my younger son is asleep or very early in the morning when everyone are asleep.
    When u know u can handle 2 young boys then its evident u can handle anything in the world.hahaha.
    How abt u? How many kids do u hav?

    Thanks for appreciating,really means a lot when someone appreciates effort behind it.

  6. Vijaya Prabhakar16 April 2011 at 14:23

    i ve a daughter who is going to college. :) i ve no words to tell.. god ll really bless u n ur family 4 d wonderful work of helping other. i really understand how tough it is to manage wid kids. :) :)

  7. Hi Vijaya!
    Oic. Great........a grown up kid..ah that's a little relief i must say. But managing kids at any age is different and difficult. Thank u for ur blessings.

    thanq once again



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