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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Nagadosha - Remedies: Keep Silence(Mouna Vratham)

 There are so many types of remedies like poojas, Japas, homas and individual kriyas.

All nakshatra people at specific day of the week at specific time (rahu kalam). If you'll do these remedies as sidhanthi garu says then you'll get good results which is 100% gauranteed.These are very simple remedies.

What to do:

For 90 minutes you have to be Maunam (Keep Silence=don't talk at all) by tieing black cloth to your mouth. and or for people who work just keep a black cloth beside you and use it whenever u cough, sneeze or yawn.During that time don't walk up and down the stairs. If possible switch off your cell phones. If you can't be silent for 90 minutes then be atleast 48 minutes.

You can use the same black cloth for next months also. You can take saree faul cut it about  1 or 2 feet and tie to your mouth. Wash it after every use.

Why we are using black cloth:

Sometimes at that time you may yawn, sneeze, cough-to eliminate that dosha we are using black cloth

How long one has to do this remedy:

You can do this remedy as many times as possible.If possible do it everyweek.This remedy doesn't have any restrictions as how many months one has to do.You can do this life long.

Ex: Life charging of a cell phone. As we just keep charging till there is a mobile.

Logic behind tieing the black cloth:   At rahu kalam ,  rahu is there in air. To avoid welcoming rahu ,our vocal chords must be closed that's the reason why we have to be silent.

VIMP Note:  By doing this remedy we can eliminate Nagadosham not only for us but also for our children and their children and next janmas( many re-births) as well.

 VVVIMP: People who don't know which nakshatram they are born can also do this remedy on sunday at 4:30pm to 6:00pm.

Ladies must avoid doing it on monthly periods.

About rahu and Ketu:

Actually we have 7 days a week. But we have 2 extra planets Rahu and Ketu which doesn't have days of week. Rahu kalam is related to rahu. Yamaganda kalam is related to Ketu. These are shadow planets.We can't see them.These are ahaped like snake like our backbone. Head part is called Rahu and tail part is called Ketu. as they say in english as Ascending and Descending nodes. Rahu and Ketu both has 3 nakshatras each. One might think when should these 6 nakshatra people follow the remedy.  Shani vath Rahu , Kuja vath Ketu as said in astrology.Rahu is equal to Shani and Ketu is equal to Kuja.That's the reason why on Tuesdays and Saturdays we take 6 nakshatras those days.

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