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Monday, 28 March 2011

Grahabalam 28th March 2011

Hello all!

Today Sidhanth garu told abt 4th April 2011 graha sthithi(planetory situations). On 4th April 2011, now  Ravi is in Meena rashi and Shani is in Kanya rashi. There is enemity between these 2 planets.They are aspecting each other. This happens  every 30 years. This aspectation happens 1 or 2 times in 30 yrs. But on Ugadi 4th April 2011 ,these planets are aspecting at eka kala eka bindu(at same time of degree) of 19 degrees 51 minutes which very very rare and is happening after thousands of years.

Ravi is related to admininstration. Shani is related to politics. This aspectation not only effects A.P government but all the other state governments.

Individual effects:

Anuradha, Pushyami, Uttarabhadra, Kruthika, Uttara and Uttarashada nakshatra people will have more effects compared to other nakshatra people.

The effects on all rashi people will be described on 3rd April 2011 of  rashi phala( as its sunday) by sidhanthi garu.

And upcoming special episodes  of  Nagadosha-remedies would be told by sidhanthi gari in april month.So check them out.

VVIMP: People who are suffering from sugar disease(diabetes) don't apply for job on fridays and don't wear white dress.

All 27 nakshatra people who are suffering from diabetes avoid fridays and avoid wearing white dress for all professional , business and job related purposes. And people who have problems with house and vehicles must avoid fridays and wearing white dress.

Grahabalam 28th March 2011 by madhurikiranmai

ok c u'll 2morow.

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