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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Grahabalam 1st March 2011 Must see IMP tips about Nakshatras on specific days part 9

Hi everyone!

Todays episode was about moon nakshatras which Rohini, Hastha and Shravana

1) Shravana   When Occurs on Wednesday.

Purpose of Use:      It is useful for married ladies only. For summangali yogam.

Timings to pray:

Wednesday          The nakshatra has to be from sunrise to sunset

God/goddess to worship:    Goddess  Gowri

Offering:  Pongali made of Jaggery

Pray with:  Pray with red flowers

2)Hastha:  When Occurs on Monday and Friday

Purpose of Use:   For all the wealth

What to do:  Get 2 elephant statues(any size) made of plater of paris or wood and keep it ur cupboard. When hastha nakshatra occurs on monday and friday, assume the elephants as goddess Gaja Laxmi and worship them.

Offering: No offering

3) Rohini:   When Occurs on Tuesday and Sunday.

Purpose of Use:  For people who think a lot like branthi( just imagination) for no reason.

What to do: Wear black colored clothes(complete black)


GB 1-3-11 IMP tips about Nakshatras on specific... by madhurikiranmai

I'll update recent translated post in 2 days.Plz bear with me

ok bye

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