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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Grahabalam - 2nd Feb 2011 - Every one must watch

Hi guys!

Today i'm all excited to bring this episode  especially coz today Sidhanthi garu read out all the letters written by all people who followed the remedies told by sidhanthi garu and succeeded in solving their problems.

I was all excited and pumped up to hear those letters.I hope u'll feel the same and have faith.

So I would like all the people to do as he says and make our lives better.



  1. Hello Madhuri,
    I feel really great for such a good site you have given us all.Thank you.
    I wanted to know regarding the 2nd Feb episode in detail regarding the remedies what Siddhanti Garu has given us.

    Can you get the things posted if you get time when and what to do.

    Thank you for helping kith and kin who miss out the program.


  2. Hello Manasa Ji!
    Ur welcome. Just curious to know that what's ur mother tongue?
    Ya, sure.I will.
    once again ur welcome.

  3. Hello Madhuri Garu,
    Me a telugu by birth and till the life goes.why you had problem i didn't know.

    Pls do post me the remedies.

    And one more thing,mostly everyone goes through this phase with children not eating food.
    i have a 2 yr 8 month son and a 1 yr 4 months son.
    the elder one makes mess for eating food.if i can get any tips or remdies from Siddanthi garu for kids.if you can help me out do let me know.

    Thank you fort he reply

  4. Hello Manasa garu!
    I've asked ur mother tongue because u asked me to post the things in detail.I thot u wanted english translated,so i asked that question. So don't mind otherwise. I've already posted 2nd feb and many more under Imp tips to followm so look for that posts.

    Its very very difficult to get in touch with Sidhanthi garu.U may take appointment and get ur doubts cleared.Also find remedies for that.


  5. Hello Madhuri Garu,
    Delayed in mailing u.the thing is he has put some remedies in this video like dry dates to be hanged on simha dwaram on some particular day at particular star

    and beetel leaves to be put at simha dwaram

    and deepam with lemon to sell a house or property .

    i just need whn to do these things and on what particular stars or days it has to be let me know.

    Thanks for the Response u have been giving all of u
    And u and Siddhanti garu have followers awating for the updation of things.

    Thank You



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