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Monday, 28 February 2011

Grahabalam 28th feb 2011 Must see IMP tips about Nakshatras on specific days part 8 and abt KUJADOSHAM


Today Sidhanthi garu told abt kuja  nakshatras(continuation of yesterday's topic)

And he also told abt a very rare auspicious  day which is  Magha Amavasya on 4th March 201.What to do on that day also been told.

And another interesting thing which he'll tell 2morow is abt Arishta graha sthithulu.So watch out guys.

when Mrugasira and Chitta nakshatras when occurs on Sunday in the evening at rahu kalam which is evening 4:30pm to 6:00pm

NOTE: The nakshatra may not be from sunrise to sunrise but it must be in rahu kalam.

Purpose of Use: People who want to sell their house, some people want to sell due to some problems, people who want to sell old house and get a new one, some people want to get rid of the small old house and get a big house, some people who have vasthu dosha and can’t repair or modify.

What to do:

1) At both sides of simha dwaram, lit deepam with amudam in it.

2) After litting, place a lime in both the deepams.

3) The next day which is monday(keep it safe that night in home), take those two limes and go to a stranded place( where no one would stamp the limes.

4) Now make a small hole in the mud and place the limes in it then close it with mud.


Actually Kujadosha would actually implies to only 1 0r 2 people out of 100 people. And for the rest the dosham would be cancelled in their horoscope.

Every year in Shravana masam(month), poornima when occurs in shravana or Dhanishta nakshatras which could come once a year or not sometimes.

Which day : But we take Dhanishta nakshatra sharavana poornima ONLY.But it should not be Friday or Sunday.

NOTE: The nakshatra has to be from sunrise to sunset.

God to worship:    Lord Subramanya swamy and Kuja graha with red flowers.

What to do:

1) Early morning after bath worship lord Subramanya swamy and Kuja graha with red flowers and use only cow's ghee or coconut oil.

2) Read Ashtothara Shatanamavali and offer karpoora harthi.

3) After worshipping, take 1 Kg Kandulu(red gram) and soak them in cold water.

4) Before evening, strain the kandulu and tie them in a white cloth ONLY.

5) Immerse this kandulu in running waters ONLY.You must immerse in RUNNING water only not in stationary water like cheruvu(pond).

When this remedy is done then the KUJADOSHA would be washed away.

GB 28-2-11IMP tips about Nakshatras on specific... by madhurikiranmai

still there to translate, will translate 2morrow.

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