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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

grahabalam - 15th feb 2011 - Very Imp Don't look vivah pattika

Hi all!

Today Sidhanthi garu told very important matter abt what to look for in a matching horoscopes before  couples get married.

.NEVER  look for Jathaka Pattika or Gunaalu.Always look for

First Taara Balam -  should be matched.Then keeping both woman's and man's horoscope aside the following should be seen.

1)Lagna sthanam(who are adipathulu): Respective Mental status

2)Panchama sthanam(who are adipathulu): children

3)Sapthama sthanam(who are adipathulu):  about the spouse

4)Ashtama sthanam(who are adipathulu): Life span or  longitivity

Adipathi's should never be great enemies.

Hope u'll be cautious while matching horoscopes

bye for today

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