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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Grahabalam 14th feb 2011- who shouldn't wear specific gemstones

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Today Sidhanthi garu read all the letters who wanted to know whether they should or shouldn't wear the gemstones.So today was gems related episode.

Who shouldn't wear specific gem: specific Nakshatra people mentioned below should avoid wearing the mentioned stone.

1)Neelam(Blue Sapphire): Chitha, Danishta, Mrugasira, Krithika, Uttara  and Uttarashada

Note:Even people suffering from Ardhashtama Shani,Elinati Shani or Ashtama Shani shouldn't wear Neelam(blue sapphire).

2)Pagadam(Coral): Arudra, Swathi, Shathabisham, Pushyami, Anuradha and     Uttarabhadra .

Note: Married ladies have pagadam in their mangala suthram but even they shouldn't wear as pagadam as ring.

3)Kanakapushyaragam(Topaz): Bharani, PurvaPhalguni(Pubba), Poorvashada, Rohini, Hastha and Shravanam.

Note:Not even people who are running  Guru Mahardasha period because it will cause problems.

4)Vajram(Diamond): Punarvasu, Poorvabhadra and Visakha

5)Navratna(Nine gemstones ring): Anyone can wear without Nakshatra restrictions.

Note:  Chitta, Dhanishta, Mrugasira, Swathi, Arudhra, Shathabisham people shouldn't wear Navratna ring on Tuesday.

gb 16-2-11-who shouldn't wear Neelam(Blue... by madhurikiranmai

grahabalam-16-2-11-who shouldn't wear... by madhurikiranmai

grahabalam16- shouldn't wear Kanakapushyaragam(... by madhurikiranmai

grahabalam16-2-11 who shouldn't wear Vajram... by madhurikiranmai

grahabalam 16th feb 2011-who can wear Navaratna... by madhurikiranmai

NOTE: Check other videos with todays date as it is categotized under Thithi Nakshatralu and Nagadoshams categoties.

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